Poker TD

This game is based on a Warcraft 3 Map. It’s an unusual combination of poker and tower defense. Based on the cards you have in hand, the currently best tower is automatically selected for you. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to already monitor the order of the poker hand. You can always see all the existing poker hands in the game and will automatically find out over time which one is better than the other.

We are already working on the following update for the game. That’s why we look forward to your reactions in the reviews. That way you can influence the future of the game. We respond to your feedback and set priorities that are important to you.

What is planned for the upcoming version:

  • New skills that you can upgrade
  • Various maps
  • Daily tasks and rewards

We hate senseless advertising. However, since we need to fund our lives, there are rewarded ads in the game that will allow you to cheat a bit in the game. You can play the game without seeing a single ad.